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Custom Deal AR-15 80% Builder Sets Featuring: Davidson Defense AR-15 Billet Upper + Polymer80 80% Lower + 15
Custom Deal AR-15 80% Builder Sets Featuring: Davidson Defense AR-15 Billet Upper + Polymer80 80% Lower + 15' M-Lok Handguard

Custom Deal AR-15 80% Builder Sets Featuring: Davidson Defense AR-15 Billet Upper + Polymer80 80% Lower + 15" M-Lok Handguard

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Custom Deal AR-15 80% Builder Sets Featuring: Davidson Defense AR-15 Billet Upper
Polymer80 80% Lower
15" M-Lok Handguard

Builder sets are a very popular way to start or add to an existing AR-15 build. Traditionally builder sets include upper, lower, handguard, dust door, and forward assist (when applicable). So we decided to come up with something equally as cool, 80% builder sets, that does NOT mean you get 4 out of the 5 products listed above, it is a builder set that has an 80% lower instead of a complete serialized lower so you don't have to go through an FFL to purchase this, it can be shipped directly to your door. We have selected a handful of products and put together some unique custom AR 15 80 percent builder sets that are at an incredible price.

Davidson Defense AR-15 Billet Upper

Brand new billet upper by Davidson Defense, CNC manufactured on 5 axis machines for in spec. Tolerances, Lightweight easy and quick installation. Durable black matte finish hard coat anodized. Made from 6061-T6 Aluminum.

Billet from aluminum that has been heat treated and hard coat anodized. The A3 features a flattop design with an integral Picatinny-style rail. With M4-style feed ramps. Does not have a forward assist or brass deflector but has holes for dust cover door.

Polymer80 80% Lower

Feel the difference the second you pick it up! The Polymer80 Lower Receiver features a rock-solid frame, injection molded from a fully automated system that was two years in the making. This system is designed as a complete kit. There are NO expensive jig kits and parts to purchase - Polymer80's system is a COMPLETE, all-inclusive package at one price! The Phoenix Gen2 version features Polymer 80's proprietary polymer composite, a solid core design, stiffened Magwell, and beefier Mil-Spec buffer tube housing. The pistol grip area features a unique no-thread design specific to Polymer80 lowers. The jig is included in the price of this system. The kit comes with drill bits and the end mill bit that's required to finish your AR project the right way.

80% Lowers are just considered raw material until you manufacture them into a working firearm yourself. This means that when purchasing an 80% there is no need to have it go through a local FFL dealer. Many 80% kits come with the jig and bits to complete the job and make the firearm serviceable and functional. In a few hours, you can use household tools to complete your build and begin shooting! You can find 80% Lowers being made in a variety of materials from many different brands.

The lower receiver of an AR-15 is essentially the backbone of the weapon everything else is built off of it, it is what makes an AR-15 a firearm. An 80% lower receiver is exactly what it says, it is a lower receiver that is 80% complete. By it being 80% complete it is considered a normal part and not a serialized firearm, so it is legal to purchase without the need of going through a background check or a local gun dealer.

Product Info: The Phoenix 2 Lower by Polymer 80 is a High-Strength Reinforced Polymer lower receiver for the AR-15 platform. This lower receiver must be finished by the end-user for this to function and be considered a firearm.

Brand: Polymer80

Model: Phoenix Gen 2 80% Lower

Platform: AR-15

Material: High-Strength Reinforced Polymer

Finish: This 80% kit comes in a black polymer finish.

Feature: The Phoenix Gen 2 lower receiver comes with extra cuts in the Magwell to further reduce weight and increase ergonomics.

About the Brand: Polymer80, Inc. designs and develops innovative firearms and after-market accessories that provide ways for our customers to participate in the build process while expressing their right to bear arms. This provides a fun learning experience and a greater sense of pride in their completed firearm, strengthening our brand loyalty. We summarize this with our motto of ìEngage Your Freedomî.

Integrated Trigger Guard: The Polymer 80 Phoenix 2 Lower Receiver comes with an integrated trigger guard into its design for a uniform finish in your build.

Jigs and Bits: This Phoenix 2 Lower comes with a Jig and the Bits needed to complete the build.

Unique reinforced polymer design with solid core design
ATF compliant design
Beefed up buffer tube ring and ribbing across the entire upper surface area
No-thread design on the pistol grip area
Stiffened Magwell, ultra-light design
Build this kit using only a drill press or end mill
Build only takes up to one hour

Brand: Polymer80
Model: AR-15 Lower Receiver Phoenix Gen 2 80% with Jig and bits
Material: High-Quality Polymer Blend
Color: Black
Finish: Polymer
Jig Included: Yes
Bits Included: Yes
Threaded Bolt Catch: NA
Integrated Trigger Guard: Yes
Magazine Platform Specific: General
Caliber Specific: General AR-15
Restricted States: Yes

NOTE: Older versions used some screws to hold the jig in place. That was changed in 2015 and this newest version does not come with or require screws to hold the jig together.

15" M-Lok Handguard

A handguard is the most functional and unique part of any AR-15 build. Freefloat handguards offer an incredible reduction in weight and include many features such as mounting systems M-Lok/Keymod or both! Having the barrel in a freefloating handguard allows you to retain zero and have an increased level of accuracy. And having the ability to add grips, laser systems, lights, and bipods will further increase the capability of your next build.

It is recommended that the handguard completely cover the gas system of the AR-15 so please consider your gas system length when shopping for a handguard. If you wish to buy a pre-designed upper build kit equipped with a handguard please visit our AR-15 & LR-308 Upper Build Kits page.

About this Handguard: This 15" long Air Lite AR-15 Freefloat Handguard from Guntec features an M-Lok rail mounting system

Material of Handguard: The Guntec Air Lite AR-15 freefloat handguard is precision CNC machined from a high-quality 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum extrusion. This achieves an end result that is solid, strong, and still very lightweight

Barrel Nut: The Air Lite Handguard has a steel barrel nut made of high-quality steel as well as the necessary mounting hardware.

Type of Top Rail: This handguard features a Picatinny rail that spans the entirety of the top of the handguard

Finish: To maintain corrosion resistance the Guntec Handguard is treated with a Type 3 hardcoat anodizing.

Profile: The Air Lite freefloat handguard was created with the shooter in mind. For this reason, this handguard was created with a slim profile for shooters with small hands.

Includes: Mounting System, Handguard, Barrel Nut.

Brand: Guntec USA
Model: AR-15 15" Air Lite M-Lok Handguard
Length: 15"
QD Mount: No
Platform: AR-15
Style: Free Float
Accessory Attachment: M-Lok
Profile: Slim
Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum
Color: Black
Finish: Anodized
Anti Rotation Tabs: No
Barrel Nut Included: Yes

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Warranty, Returns & Terms: Davidson Defense offers a 30 day return, refund and exchange policy. You must email/call Davidson Defense and obtain an RMA number prior to any return, refund, or exchange. All returns must include the original order number, receipt or invoice, along with the billing address, shipping address, contact phone numbers, contact emails, and RMA number. Returns, refunds, and exchanges may take up to two weeks, not including transit times, for processing after we have received it. Return shipping costs will be the responsibility of the returning party, with the exception of the wrong item being received or on warranty exchange during the first 30 days after delivery. Items returned for warranty will only be replaced or exchanged, no refund given on warranty items.
Custom Deal AR-15 80% Builder Sets Featuring: Davidson Defense AR-15 Billet Upper + Polymer80 80% Lower + 15" M-Lok Handguard

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