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Combo Deal AR-15 Trinity Force Surge Stock + Ergo Suregrip

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Combo Deal AR-15 Trinity Force Surge Stock + Ergo Suregrip

Trinity Force Black Surge Stock Mil-Spec Assembly Kit

The surge stock takes minimal to a new level with a streamline design that sheds weight and bulk. Featuring an innovative locking system the surge is easy to install and remove on the included mil-spec buffer tube. The rubberized butt pad helps keep the stock firm in the shoulder pocket and overall has a smooth design to prevent snags on gear. Mounting a sling is made easy with qd cups on each side of the stock. The surge is built for those who want to keep things simple and lightweight without sacrificing durability.

Color: Black
Length: 7.6 
Weight: 18.4
Type: Mil-Spec

ERGO Black AR-15 Suregrip

The Original Ergo Grip, designed for performance creates a better interface between the shooter and firearm. The Ergo Grip is still the standard by which positive grip and shooter comfort are measured. The Ergo Grip comes with the patented Gapper™ for increased comfort. 

Fits AR-15 type firearms in .223 and .308
Ergonomically correct finger grooves
Integrated rear upper extension supports the web of your hand
Superior Rhino Hide® texture improves weapon control
Virtually impervious to oils and solvents
Over molded SUREGRIP® rubber with original texture.
ERGO SURE GRIP® rubber texture
Comes with The Gapper™

Manufacturer: ERGO
Material: Rubber
Color: Black

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