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Combo Deal AR-15 9MM BCG + AR-15 Ambidextrous
Combo Deal AR-15 9MM BCG + AR-15 Ambidextrous 'Holy' Charging Handle

Combo Deal AR-15 9MM BCG + AR-15 Ambidextrous "Holy" Charging Handle

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Combo Deal AR-15 9MM BCG 

+ AR-15 Ambidextrous "Holy" Charging Handle

United Defense Labs Ind. 9mm Ar Bolt Carrier Group 

Works With Both Colt & Glock Mag Lowers

This Is The Highest Quality 9MM Bolt Carrier Group

 We Have Ever Seen Amazing Machining 

Ultra High-Quality Fit & Finish

(Enhanced For Glock & Colt Mags 9MM Ar's)


The UDL (United Defense Labs) Carrier Group is a Military Intended Design To Bid For Upcoming DOE Contracts.
Designed To Utilize M4 Extractors & Replacement Parts In Current Military Stocked Replacement Parts Along With
Enhancing The Over-All Reliability Of The AR 9mm As Much As 150% Increasing 
The Maximum Rounds That The Weapon Can Fire Without Servicing Or Cleaning.

UDL Designs & Manufactures Parts Intended For Replacements Of Current & Future DARPA Firearm Weapon Parts & Firearms  
We At Delta Team Tactical Have Struck A Deal With UDL To Carry All Of The Firearm Parts That They Can Sell To A Civilian Market.
To Exclusively Offer To You The Consumer Parts That Might Just Be In Future Firearms 
That Have Been Tested To Rigorous Military Standards Well Above That Of Conventional Firearm Manufacturers Testing.

Built for All 9mm Rifles, Pistols, & SBR'S Ultimate blow-back carriers have many modern improvements that are seen & unseen.

This Includes excess pressure release holes in the carrier that relieve pressure in case of ammunition failure

to reduce the chance of out of battery firing. This feature has never been seen on any other 9mm carrier.  


Maintains both COLT/GLOCK Compatibility


 Removable counter weight so aftermarket buffer systems may be used like 

Jp & Armaspec Buffer Systems.


(Unless Heavier Buffer Is Used Don't Take Weight Out Unless Directed By Recoil Buffer product MFG Possible Out Of Battery Firing May Occur If Done Without Compensating Buffer System)


Real Full-Auto compatibility while adding amazing new features. Maintains a "ramped" bottom so any common hammer can be used - ideal for competitive shooters and extreme shooters who demand enhanced reliability.


The extractor has been upgraded from an internal 1911-style claw to an M4 Ar-15 Mil-Spec pivoted extractor.  Ease of disassembly, enhanced longer life. Carrier key is separate from the charging surface ensuring that the carrier stands up to any vigorous action - meaning no sheared keys.


A standard but higher quality firing pin rounds out the enhancements and keeps this 

a 100% user-serviceable bolt carrier using standard sized Colt 9mm Firing Pin & Spring & parts that any regular person can obtain. 



 Carrier & Integrated Key

Compatibility: GLOCK & COLT - Style Lower Receivers

Carrier: MIL-SPEC 8620 Steel Material

Fully Heat Treated To 1200 HV

External M-16 Style Extractor

M16 (FULL-AUTO) Compatible

United Defense AR-15 "Holy"

Ambidextrous Charging Handle

This AR-15 charging handle assembly for AR-15 style rifles is built with an aluminum construction and a black nitride finish. It features latches on both sides for use with either hand.

Fits all AR-15 platform guns by DMPS, Mega, Aero precision, CMMG, and most other companies.    


Material: Aluminum

Finish: Nitride

Style: Ambidextrous 

Patent Pending No. 296886692

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