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CMMG AR-15 5 Round 350 Legend Magazine
CMMG AR-15 5 Round 350 Legend Magazine

CMMG AR-15 5 Round 350 Legend Magazine

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CMMG AR-15 5 Round 350 Legend Magazine


Conquer your target with precision using the CMMG AR-15 5 Round 350 Legend Magazine. Designed for reliability and exceptional feeding, this magazine is your go-to choice for controlled, accurate shots.

Step up your AR-15 experience with the precision-engineered CMMG AR-15 5 Round .350 Legend Magazine. This magazine is meticulously designed to fit seamlessly into a standard AR-15 magazine well, providing an effortless upgrade for your rifle. Constructed from high-grade stainless steel, it features a sleek black matte finish that not only increases durability but also adds a touch of tactical elegance to your firearm.

Unmatched Durability and Performance:
The CMMG AR-15 .350 Legend Magazine features a robust stainless steel body that provides strength and longevity. This material choice helps your magazine withstand the rigors of intensive use, offering you reliability in every situation. The black matte finish provides an extra layer of protection against corrosion and wear, helping your magazine remain in top condition through countless rounds and harsh environments.

Precision Feeding with Anti-Tilt Follower:
At the heart of the CMMG AR-15 .350 Legend Magazine is its advanced anti-tilt follower, designed to deliver exceptional feeding and loading performance. This feature minimizes the risk of jamming or misfeeds, allowing for smooth and consistent operation. Whether you're in a competitive shooting scenario or out in the field hunting, the reliability of this magazine will keep you focused on your target.

Why Choose the CMMG AR-15 .350 Legend Magazine?
Choosing the CMMG AR-15 5 Round .350 Legend Magazine means opting for precision, durability, and performance. This magazine is tailored for the .350 Legend cartridge, making it a perfect fit for hunters and shooting enthusiasts who demand accuracy and consistency. The stainless steel construction and anti-tilt follower grants that every round cycles smoothly, providing you confidence in every shot. Upgrade your AR-15 with this magazine and experience the performance and reliability that only CMMG can offer. Make the smart choice for your firearm today.


Brand: CMMG
Model: AR-15 5 Round 350 Legend Magazine
Caliber Compatibility: .350 Legend
Capacity: 5
Platform Compatibility AR-15
Construction: Stainless Steel

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