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Aero Precision VG6 EPSILON 556SL BBSS Muzzle Break 5.56 .223 DIA 1/2x28 **Satin Grey Finish**

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Aero Precision VG6 EPSILON Muzzle Break

 1/2x28 (Brushed Stainless)

556SL - BBSS

The Aero Precision VG6 EPSILON 556 BBSS is the pinnacle of AR15 muzzle devices. 

The EPSILON 556 just outperforms everything on the market. 

Designed for the discriminating shooter and professional end-users, VG6 Precision's EPSILON 556 affords you the best muzzle control & recoil mitigation the industry has to offer. 

This is a true combination muzzle brake / compensator / flash hider. Its performance is matched only by the amazing look of this device.

The VG6 Epsilon 556 carries many of the same characteristics as the Gamma 556 with a few exceptions. 

Extended flash hiding prongs and no ports at the 12 o’clock positions allow an uninhibited view from flash through optics or sights.

The EPSILON 556SL BBSS utilizes a new aggressive chamber design that improves gas flow and reduces felt recoil significantly. It also features deep channel cuts that greatly reduce the overall weight toward the front end of your build.

Slim in design does not mean slim in performance. Users can still expect the same great performance they have grown to trust from VG6 Precision muzzle brakes. With the EPSILON 556SL BBSS, you have the optimal solution for a lightweight, legal (when pinned and welded) and flat shooting 14.5" Rifle Build.

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