Davidson Defense Nitride Finish Bolt Carrier Group BCG 7.62x39

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Complete Black Nitride Bolt Carrier with 7.62x39 Black phosphate finished Bolt Head Complete with 7.62x39 Enhanced firing pin, 

Nitride Ultra Hard Cam Pin, Cotter Pin for A Complete BCG Combo that will rock any 7.62x39 System. What more could a 7.62 Bolt group offer? 

 These Mil-Grade Carriers are crafted from the finest heat treated 8620 material. Featuring full line forward assist teeth, M-16 cut. Nitride Finishing done by the same company that owns Fail Zero.

The Bolt Head is a 7.62x39 158 carpenter steel black phosphate finish on the bolt head, for ease of cleaning and longer life

then matched with the nitride carrier you get the best of both nitride and phosphate that is self lubricating.

MPI Certified & HPT for your extreme safety. Included are the Mil-Grade Gas Key, Cam Pin, Firing Pin and Firing Pin Retaining Pin.

Our 7.62x39 Bolt Heads Are Carpenter 158 Steel some of the finest steel in the world so either all our bolt Groups are some of the worlds finest that is one thing we do have pride in is quality bolt groups

All our bcgs are all made here in Utah by Crosshills Technology all are mp tested for safety we could sell cheaper or lesser bcg but that is one part you do not want to risk.

The finish is done by the fail zero people we do not skimp there Either.