AR-15 Titanium Heat Treated Grade 5 Take Down Pins Set Of 2 (Harder than Std Steel Pins)

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Custom Davidson Defense Grade 5 Hardened Take down pins

These titanium take down pins have been heated treated giving them an ultra strong hardness and superior finish. Much stronger and better performing than the average pins found everywhere else.
Comes in a set of 2. Will fit standard AR receivers.

They come In a goldish Titanium finish only found on hardened Titanium (Regular unhardened Titanium is silver in color once vacuum hardened they take on a gold type colored finish that looks like a million bucks plus once hardened the Rockwell hardness goes from 35 unhardened super hard to 60+ Rockwell so always make sure what ever parts you buy in titanium have been hardened where it cost more to make but the difference is worth every cent !!!

This pin set will make your gun stand out plus they will never rust or the finish will not come off ever where it is in the metal unlike normal pins that ware off the finish
they have a design so you can pull them out quickly without having a huge knob on the side of your gun.